Reusable Facial Wipes


Ditch the disposable

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Each package is a set of 10 reusable wipes with choice of black or white.

Stacy mentions  that the black wipes are great for removing eye makeup as stain will be discretely hidden, on the other side, the white wipes are great for applying toner or other non-staining products. Brilliant!

Each wipe is approximately 3″ round and are made from 100% cotton flannel, that is sooooo soft.

Washing suggestions: Wash and tumble dry on warm or hot setting. Cotton is preshrunk.
Placing wipes in a mesh laundry bag may help them to not get lost in your machines.

Slight fraying may occur after washing. First, just simply snip the frays and second, continue to use because it does not affect function what so ever.