Shopping in Store

What are your hours?

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12 pm – 7pm
Wednesday: 12 pm- 7pm
Thursday: 12 pm – 7pm
Friday: 11 am – 5pm
Saturday: 11 am – 5pm
Sunday: Closed

Open for Special events early on Saturdays and some Sundays.

Where do I park?

Easy peasy, you can park on Notre Dame on our side of the street any time of day for 1 hour free. There’s also parking on Furby St
There is also the no frills or shoppers parking lot, but don’t tell anyone I told you about those. 😀

Can I bring my own containers to Refill?

YES! In store everything is by the gram so bring in your clean & dry containers to be refilled with a lot or a little product.

Why do containers need to be clean & dry?

Clean containers create less cross contamination of product and less mess in Refill. You also want your containers dry so that you have as little opportunity for bacteria to grow if you fill with a product that does not have preservatives.
A clean & dry container gives you and your product a fresh start AND a longer shelf life.

Do I need to weigh my containers?

When you come in with your clean & dry container you can weigh your container at the front of the shop and write the weight on your container with the wax markers provided OR you can come to the counter where if it’s not busy and someone can weigh them for you.
Once your empty container is weighed, fill them up or not, and leave the rest of the math to staff.

What kind of containers can be Refilled?

Always think of functionality.

If you have that plastic shampoo bottle, reuse it, as it functions like you need it to in the shower and you already have it in your possession.
Same goes for those sturdy laundry jugs that are meant to pour into its matching cup that also measures.

Do I need an appointment?

This was a thing that was done late 2020 and part of 2021 to allow Refill to offer a safe shopping experience.

Can I smell things?

Not really. If its a bar of soap it’s cool but otherwise the bulk goods are far too difficult to smell.


more on delivery

How do products come?

All of the products come in either glass deposit jars, compostable paper bags, or loose in a reused paper bag.

Where is Refill located?

634 Notre Dame Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba. If you are driving down Notre Dame you will pass a No Frills on the left, the next block is where Refill is located. There is a Shoppers Drug Mart on the Right, Refill is directly across Notre Dame.

What is a deposit jar?

These are jars that Refill currently charges $2 for and can be returned, in store or on your next delivery, for store credit.

When do you deliver?

Refill currently has one delivery day a week, Wednesday, and everything is delivered between 5 pm – 8 pm.
Even without COVID there was always the plan to have a delivery program for better access and accessibility so the hope is that this catches on and it can grow.

How do you deliver?

From Refill’s infancy Peg City Car Co-op has been the choice for transportation, this includes deliveries. When possible the hybrid plus is used but its not always available, making deliveries low or no emissions. Supporting car sharing is more sustainable even if the hybrid is not booked for the weeks deliveries.

Do you ship orders?

No. Refill offers in store shopping or Winnipeg wide delivery.

COVID Protocols

Do I need to wear a mask in store?

Absolutely. Please make sure its covering your nose and mouth and if it is not you will be asked to adjust it so that it does.


They are not currently required, that being said I would like you to engage in these protocols here and in your own life, communitiy spaces, etc.

If you have travelled anywhere by air, bus, or train in the last two weeks. If you have been sick, covid or not, recently or around some that has been.

If you have recently gone to a large indoor event without a mask.

Additionally, if you have recently been in the hospital or someone you spend a lot of time with has been.

Questions / statments Refill gets asked that are rather rude

*trying to be diplomatic but these questions are rude*

Your hours are SO short.

Refill is owned / operated by one person, Marisa, and sometimes the extra help from her partner Cody. Long story short, post head injury Marisa was left with a disability that requires them to be vigilant in tracking energy.

The hours fit their life + brain health and expected retail hours as best they can.

Why are you located in such a place? “Bet the rent is cheap”

The owner of Refill lives in the neighbourhood and walks to work, thus shrinking the carbon footprint of the individual and the business.

Also, it’s important to note that those with the least also contribute the least to quantitative climate crisis data points.

Someone must have smashed your window, eh?

Please do not assume it was an act of vandalism due to your perceived idea of the neighbourhood. A drunk driver hit a parked car and the parked car came into the building.
This happened in March 2022 and it took nearly a year to get fixed due in no part to Refill, mostly it was the building owner and contractor dragging their feet.