The Twig Razor


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Meet Leaf Shave’s version of a classic safety razor—with a single-blade, fixed-head design. The Twig is specifically designed to be easy to use and gentle on your skin, and it delivers a smooth shave that’s better for the environment.

A fresh take on a classic shave.

For every body. Unlike traditional double-edge safety razors, The Twig is tuned to be forgiving for a quicker, easier learning curve.

Half the size, twice as mighty. Designed with the smallest safety razor head available. This makes it the most agile and accessible shave, tight spots and crisp edges are a breeze.

Single-blade comfort. Do you shave intimate areas, tight spots, or concave areas? Without a second live edge hanging out the back (like a normal double edge razor) The Twig is far safer and easier to use.

The re-imagined safety razor that makes single-blade shaving accessible.

Loading The Twig: Open the blade holder by twisting the bottom of the handle clockwise. Load a single-edge blade into your Twig. Then, secure the blade by twisting the bottom of the handle counterclockwise until finger-tight.

Setting the blade angle: With a safety razor’s fixed-head, the user keeps a steady 30-degree angle between the blade and the skin. This allows the blade to engage your hair and shave it away.

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