Foaming Hand Soap Tablet, Sea Breeze


by Zerowaste Cleaning

one tablet loose in a paper bag / jar for delivery or in store pop them into you own jar 

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Refill orders these loose, so in store you can just jar one out of the jar, otherwise for deliveries we will pop them in a wee paper bag you can compost.

Compatible with any foaming pump bottle these tablets are biodegradable and come in zero-waste/eco-friendly packaging. Just open the package, drop the tablet in hot water, wait 5 minutes for it to dissolve, shake for 30 seconds and toss the packaging into the recycling bin or your compost, easy peasy! We’ve created a gentle formula perfect for dry/sensitive skin.

One tablet is equal to 350ml of liquid foaming hand soap.

All the ingredients are plant based and biodegradable, listed under additional information tab. Colors vary***

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Citric acid, Sodium hydrogen carbonate, Sodium tripolyphosphate, Calcium carbonate, Sodium dodecyl sulfate, Carboxymethylcellulose sodium salt, Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt, Calcium oxide.