REFILL x W&M Tote Bag


by Walt & Millie

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Hey Folks!

I had these bags around from a previous version of Refill, it was feminine, soft, and all the things I truly cannot pretend to be for the gram, so I called that business a learning lesson and started a fresh as Refill, which is reuse everything, messy creative, f*ck gender binaries, and all the things I can truly be IRL and/or for the gram.

These bags were a remnant of the past that I wanted to give a fresh life too so I hit up Jannica of Walt & Millie, here we are a year later, yes, shit takes time during these unprecedented times, with these cuties.

Janice takes a cut of these bags for her time, expenses, etc and the rest Refill will funnel into shampoo, conditioner, and maybe more for the Macdonald Youth Services. They approached me last year and I did not have the ability to sustainably float paying for this myself, so hopefully this is the first of many ways I want to bring those of you that expressed interest in leveraging your own capital to help others.

Love you bunches,


P.S. Jannica is also launching a colouring book that is uber cute. 😀