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3oz/85g bar of soap



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Made exclusively with saponified organic extra virgin olive oil, this soap is unscented,  pure castille soap with a firm, creamy texture.

Less lather than traditional soap, but incredibly gentle and great for sensitive skin, or little ones and makes a fantastic facial bar for all skin types. French green clay helps soothe skin and draw out impurities. With a small amount pink grapefruit oil for added cleansing and a long lasting bar. Soap made from olive oil can help ease dryness and irritation because it naturally softens and soothes skin without clogging pores.

This is a vegan bar.

About Art Soap Life’s Soaps: 

Cold process is used for all Art Soap Life soaps to create bases of pure oils. Source from local botanicals and Manitoba beeswax. No chemical preservatives or artificial fragrances are used and all aromas derive from therapeutic quality essential oils, ground botanicals, spices, butters, oxides, micas and clays.

For longer lasting bars, use a slotted soap dish or one with holes so the bar can dry between uses.

Please note that all bars are handmade and hand cut, so colour and shape may vary from what is pictured. Bars are an approximate weight of 3.25 oz


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Saponified organic olive oil, water, glycerine (natural by product), French green clay, pink grapefruit oil, vitamin E oil