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TANITABS have been created with a component that makes up 97% of our teeth : the Hydroxyapatite mineral (nHAp). It is a safe, science-backed alternative to fluoride.While fluoride creates remineralization with saliva, nHAp directly remineralizes teeth. In other words, it fills in imperfections in the enamel and strengthens it with each brushing, preventing cavities.

For the best oral hygiene, we must eliminate the S. mutans, a bacteria that builds from sugar in refined foods and creates a harmful acid that weakens the enamel of the teeth. TANITABS are composed of Xylitol, which is sourced from birch bark. It is proven to reduce tooth decay by fighting the S. mutans bacteria, and treat dry mouth by balancing our oral ecosystem.

TANITABS is composed of Aloe Vera extract. A natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial element proven to fight against gingivitis for strong healthy pink gums. The other two ingredients are Grapefruit seed extract, to keep breath healthy and balanced, and natural Spearmint flavor for continuous freshness.



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Xylitol, Calcium Carbonate, Kaolin, Sodium bicarbonate, aloe Barbadensis leaf powder, sodium coccyx isethionate, stevia, arômes naturels, hyydroxyapatite, camellia sinensis extract, menthol, acacia senegal gum, melaleuca, alternifolia leaf oil, citrus grandis seed extract