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Vegan unscented liquid roll-on deodorant or Refill


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First off, Just the Goods’ deodorant works because potassium alum and palma rosa essential oils work to control the odor. Second, castor oil, gluconolactone, and sodium benzoate come together to offer anti-bacterial support.

The natural fragrance of palma rosa essential oil, a leafy, lightly herbal scent, makes JTG’s “basic” not entirely unscented. However, it is noticeable in the bottle but once on goes unnoticed.

Usage: Apply thin layer to underarm; do not apply to broken/freshly shaven skin. Lasts 5 – 6  hours or longer; reapply as required. Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight for maximum longevity.

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4oz, 2 oz refillable glass roll-on bottle