Citric Acid – (Duplicate Imported from WooCommerce)


by Osmóse

500 g

From food preservation to descaling your shower faucet, citric acid is a versatile addition to any DIYer repertoire.

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Citric acid is naturally concentrated in a plethora of fruits and veg – obvious nod to lemons and limes. Similar to most organic acids, citric acid is a weak acid with a pH level between 3 and 6. This is a food grade citric acid so can be used in various food preservation method. Anywhere from spot whitening to bath bomb making citric acid has many uses so go ask Google.

At this time you will receive your dry goods in compostable bio PLA lined Kraft paper tin tye bag. If you do not have the means to compost bring them back and we will do it for you.


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Citric acid