Castile Laundry Powder


by Naturally Powerful

500 g 

We are packaging this in compostable Kraft paper tin tie bags lined with a bio PLA lining, if you would like more than 500g just add two to your cart and we will pack it in one bag.


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High efficiency machines use 1-2 tsp per small/medium load, 1 tbsp per large load

Standard machines may need more and we suggest 2 tsp – more heaping than scant for a medium/large

Pour laundry powder over clothing and works with all water temps.

This would yield a minimum of approximately 55 loads per 500 g bag of laundry powder

Made in Steinbach, MB but you can find Naturally Powerful at the St. Norbert’s Farmers Market every Saturday where we meet them to pick up our order.

This is a concentrated laundry soap that are low sudsing and free of bleach, residue, detergents, fillers, perfumes, and dye


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soda ash, sodium bicarbonate, olive oil soap, sodium chloride, essential oil