Beeswax Pillars

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These beautiful candles are made with 100% Manitoba beeswax and fine cotton wicking.

First unlike candles made form other wax, beeswax candles burn brighter and cleaner as they emit negative ions that are known to help purify the air. Second, beeswax also smells great when burned so no need for extra chemicals or scents. This is from natural aromatics from the honey and flower nectar found in the honeycomb.

Classic beeswax pillar are ideal for people who like to burn a candle for many hours at a time. These long burning beauties are the best value as they go & go. See burning times below.

Consider using a wick dipper to extinguish flame – good care for your long burning pillars.

Small Pillar~ 50 hour burn time
Dimensions: 7.5cm tall x 7.5cm (3″ x 3″)
Weight: 295 g

Medium Pillar ~100 hour burn time
Dimensions: 15 cm x 7.5 cm (3″ x 6″)
Weight: 600 g

Large Pillar~150 hour burn time
Dimensions: 22 cm x 7.5 cm (3″ x 9″)
Weight: 900 g

Usage: To get the most out of your candle –  For the first use burn for several hours until the wax pool is right to the edge of the candle. This allows the rest of the burns to melt the wax outwards rather than straight downwards.

Additional information

Pillar Height

Small ~ 3 in, Medium ~ 6 in, Large~ 9 in