Lavender Rosemary, Art Soap Life



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This creamy deodorant goes on like a sunscreen under your pits without any gritty baking soda or irritants. The zinc oxide is a great soother, arrowroot powder binds and ensures even application and creamy texture, the organic shea butter and organic coconut oil moisturize while the essential oils keep you smelling nice! Manitoba beeswax helps condition and soothe while providing an extra layer of protection. Vitamin E helps soften skin and kaolin as well as rhassoul clay absorb impurities and gently exfoliate.

Best application method is putting it on one finger tip and rubbing it in with three fingers until the white is transparent, then nothing will transfer onto darker clothes. For the first few weeks you may need to apply twice a day as your body adjusts to it, and it is easily tucked into a purse without worry of melting.

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organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, Manitoba beeswax, vitamin E, rhassoul clay, zinc oxide, arrowroot powder, essential oils of lavender and rosemary