The Vivian Project, Sio Silicia

The Vivian Project

What is The Vivian Project?

The Vivian Project is a silica mining project slated to be done by Sio Silica (previously CanWhite), in Vivian, MB.

The method of extraction is forcing air and water deep underground with the idea that the water and air pressure force the silica up to the surface for lower-impact extraction.

What is Silica?

Silcone Dioxide AKA Silica is a compound of Oxygen and Silicone. It makes up around 59% of the Earth’s crust.

Silica is extracted for the following uses: solar panels, electronics, cement/concrete/mortar, the manufacturing of glass and ceramics, and the list goes on.

What’s the Issue?

This is very new technology that has not been implemented at full-scale.

The documentation provided does little to quell one’s anxiety about the long term risks to Southern Manitoba’s groundwater.

Who it Effects?

Drinking water for the following Rural Municipalities and Cities that are at risk:

De Salaberry, Emerson Franklin, Hanover, La Broquerie, Macdonald, Morris, Reynolds’s, Richot, Springfield, Ste. Anne, Oakbank, Steinbeck, and Beausejour.

Next Steps

Using new methods billed as “greener” and more “environmentally  friendly” are still extractive.

Let’s not be short sighted and risk clean drinking water, a resource many go without, for money.

Voice your concerns with Clean Environment Canada,

Emails NEED to be your own words and the deadline of Friday, March 24 @ noon.

References + Additional Documentation

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Clean Environment Commission Manitoba

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