Refuse Uline

The Most Powerful Conservative Couple You have Never Heard Of

Refuse Uline

I was going to start off with the Abortion is Healthcare sign, but I think the general feel is rage so funnel it here. 

Imagine, you give a damn about social politics, not the duopoly of Politics in the US, and you live in Canada. You realize the implications an overturning of Roe v Wade may have on policy here.

I hear you, an action item, which may take some a year or more to make happen, Refuse Uline. 

One of the biggest supporters in right extremist politics is the couple that started and owns Uline. 

I have been talking about this in small biz circles for years but am often met with a meh or “yep, total garbage I wish more folks understood.”

Refill, for sake of literally no where else, has made 4 purchases from Uline in the last three years. I wanted to show you I too am not immune, the pandemic forced a couple of us that loathe the company to purchase from them. 

This is your action item; start figuring out how to spend your money with a company that does not funnel it into anti-trans, pro-forced birth laws, and general supporting of alt right extremist movements like the Jan 6 insurrection, trump, etc. 

What we need to do is share with each other companies located north or the border that we buy packing materials from or US ones that make it easy. Tag / Leave a comment

For usa friends, check @RefuseUnline and their list of options! I did not click all of the so maybe some are canadian. 

This is not the time to information hoard, I know a lot of businesses default to this, but think of this as a first step. The first step being, informing our communities so those of us on the left can start pulling our money out of garbage pockets. Let us organize on a foundation of sharing and transparency. 

Otherwise, I would love to help facilitate more circular systems in Winnipeg with packing materials from businesses like mine to ones that ship orders. If there is something specific you need drop it in the comments to find someone that could possibly regularly supply you with the material. 

Spread this everywhere folks! 



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