flat lay two cardboard boxes mixed vegetables in them, a plastic carton of 30% off strawberries, bag of oranges, bag of bean sprouts, and three cotton bags, two glass jars full of dry goods. All laying on a laminate floor.

WRW: Food Waste Friday

Food Waste Friday of #WasteReductionWeek and I snagged this oldie of a photo from my personal account, @thelittleredheart. {currently on hiatus}

Why this photo? Mostly because @bucknakedkitchen had some recent stories about @flashfoodinc and we chatted and now its in my brain.

Waste of food is so much a part of our food systems it’s scary. Big box stores so often toss food; maybe because of expiration dates, packaging flaws, or “imperfection” and it is a terrible waste. 

Seemingly, food waste is also a part of how we shop these days. How many people buy giant bags of produce from Costco only to end up tossing more than you care to admit? 

As weird as it is to say, try giving a slow grocery approach to your life. Can you buy less more often? When you buy less you are in the grocery store for a shorter amount of time, well at least I am, so it seems less daunting. 

Is it possible to plan meals, so they become easy and create less waste?

Reassess your food storage and how best to stretch the life of you produce. 

I am not the source for many of these ideas as our household is small and I have spent years learning efficiency in my kitchen. 

A couple of folks that are often talking about food waste are @nita_sharda and @sarah.robertson.barnes. Also, @greenactioncentre

However, if you do not already, COMPOST!!!!! 

We have been using @compostwinnipeg for years and we had another pick up service for a couple of years as well. There was a time when we only used community garden compost bins. 

If we all yell loud enough maybe the City of Winnipeg and Mayor Brain Bowman would know, city wide compost doesn’t need much of pilot. Get that to every household ASAP. 

Love you bunches. 

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