Zero Waste Shop Winnipeg -Marisa a white person wearing a natural hemp button up jacket, grey tank, black pants black mask, red plastic glasses, short brown hair half up standing in front of a black Accessible All Gender restroom sign. Walls are white.

WRW: Textile Tuesday

It’s Textile Tuesday of Waste Reduction Week and happily enough this outfit is a grand example. 

A simple way to reduce textile waste is buy less new, wear it more. 

Hemp jacket gifted from a friend, tank from a diff friend, pants secondhand, socks thrifted, and as always glasses from recycled plastic water bottles by @genusee_official

When we think of recycled textiles often people these days think recycled fishing nets into pretty new athletic gear. It’s me, I have multiple sets. 🙈

As textile recycling is not something truly available to our city I highly suggest making sure textiles, especially clothing gets passed directly onto someone who will us it or secondhand shops that are not for profit or not big corp. 

Whatever textiles I cannot move along due to wear and tear I reuse in my home. Tees are cut painstakingly into “rope” that I then use for wrapping gifts, in my garden, and etc. Scraps from projects, mostly non-tee textiles are saved and used to stuff cushions, like my yoga bolster I made myself. I am saving to stuff another couple floor cushions too. 
Denim I save for patch making because I mend jeans to death. 

Off the top of my head people to watch locally: @annemulaire does a zerowaste line, one day I will snag a nearly all black piece. @reclaimmending is working on re-roll tees and I already asked for an all black one + is always reusing textiles for new goods. Oh, @commonwealthwpg has a take back program for their shirts if you have grown out of love with one of yours. Also, @winnipegsews has recycled fleece fabric for sale if you are the sewing type. Always @artsjunktion is giving life to old textiles. Probably missing a boat load of cool cats, but you get the picture. 

Love you bunches. 

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