Zero Waste Shop Winnipeg - flat lay on concrete floor. Jar of face scrub, jar of laundry powder, beeswax candle, mouthwash in glass jar, body butter in glass jar, lip balm in a tin, bath bomb, deo in a paper tube, toothpaste in glass jar, rolled bento bag, blue glass jar of face cream, straw hole lid, amber jar of pain reliever salve, reusable face wipes, hair treatment bar.

PFJ: Convenience


What is convenience to you? 

I was specifically asked to tackle “from scratch” vs convenience in the context of plastic free July and zw. 

Disclaimer of sorts: Individual actions often make use feel better and boost our confidence for the bigger, collective fights. The balance between burnout and inspiration is up to you. Sparkly emoji

Where to start: 


HAHAHAHA, but serious audit what you use regularly or irregularly and its packaging. Can you make something from scratch to avoid the plastic if it less than regular use or maybe it so regular you could learn to make it in big batches. I find the audit more important for my kitchen trash and what you can make, cut out, or continue to buy. 

The idea of convenience has shifted dramatically over the last 5 years for our household, from convenient to our budget, to time, to energy, you get the picture. As I have made nearly everything once or twice for my own household I have realized that there are things I really just don’t want to make myself anymore. 

It’s sort of a compromise, I focus on making more things in my kitchen and buying household and personal care items. I am way more invested in food, eating local, and compressing my food-print, (LOL, just made that up), so those actions inspire me the most to continue the fight. 

As much as I adore the idea of a checklist to living a life outside of the status quo, I think the whole idea is that there isn’t one. Allow yourself the fluidity to move, the space to grow, the power to change your mind, and the grace to stumble. 

I challenge you to make one thing from “scratch” that you have always bought this week. 



P.S. sorry I have been away this week, I am not so great with heat, as I have enough fire in my charts to warm two people. 

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