Toilet Paper, 48 Rolls


48 pack of unwrapped bamboo toilet paper 

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Save the trees, oceans and bees by switching to FSC certified, 100% toxin free, natural, sustainable bamboo toilet paper! This tree free toilet paper isn’t just eco-friendly its super soft too! Bamboo TP is the perfect alternative to standard toilet rolls wrapped in wasteful, needless and toxic plastic.

Why is bamboo is a more sustainable source of fibre?

Bamboo naturally grows up to 1 meter per day. That is 20 times faster than trees! It is also harvested yearly, and does not need to be replanted. Additionally, Bamboo requires no pesticides or fertilizer and requires far less water and resources to grow than trees.

Roll Up Highlights

* Canadian Owned Company
* Ultra soft and strong 3-ply
* 250 sheet regular rolls
* 100% bamboo fibre, tree free, & biodegradable
* Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified
* Paper wrapped; not plastic!

Supplier Packaging

We source this toilet paper in bulk recyclable cardboard boxes, with zero plastic packaging whatsoever, for minimal waste. Even the tape used on the boxes is 100% paper, not plastic and delivered right to your front door or business.

ZERO WASTE TIP: Reuse/repurposed the beautiful printed paper wrapper to wrap gifts or use as a paper liner for your kitchen compost bucket.