Ocean Bath Bar Soap


by Standing Spruce

Tranquility Bar 

Face | Body | Hair

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A little known fact about Haida people is; that they love soap. They love soap so much that the nickname earned was “Soap eaters.”

Here is Honeymoon and a totally refreshing and healing yet to be named creation that sat in Lesley’s  mind for a very long time. This green beauty’s colour comes from antioxidant, anti-inflammatory,  healing seaweeds, kelps, and algae. White clay gives it a smooth hand-feel, soothing slip, from body to hair. Sea Salt hardens the bar while mineralizing and softening your skin and easing your scalp creating big beachy hair.

Lesley created this soap with solitude and camping in mind. What was wanted was the perfect green to convey a fresh fragrance that was reminiscent of the the trees and ocean.

Minimalist,Not drying, not stripping, just refreshing. Always made with moon water,  no palm oil, no artificial colours or fillers. No synthetic ingredients, non drying, safe for eczema and sensitivity, and always made with love

Approximately 150g bar, 4-5 oz

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tallow, coconut oil, lye, distilled water, lye, kaolin clay, kelp, seaweed, spiralling, chlorella, green clay, high grade fragrance and essential oil