Grapefruit + Pine, Apothecandy


140g goat milk bar soap in cardboard box 

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This bar is perfect for clean-up after digging in the dirt or in the kitchen or just when you need a little brightness.  It smells like you just rubbed grapefruit all over your body in a sun dappled forest, and if that isn’t just what you need to start your day I don’t know what is.

100% goat milk soap crafted with madder root, French pink clay, activated charcoal, exfoliating poppyseeds, pink grapefruit and pine oils.


Sodium Olivate, Caprae lac, Sodium Grapeseedate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Shea Butterate, Sodium Castorate, Cera Alba, Sodium lactate, Citrus Paradisi Peel Oil, Pinus Nigra leaf oil, Carbo Activatus, Illite / Kaolin, Papaver Somniferum (Poppy) Seeds, Rubia tinctorum