~ nearly ~ everybody’s favorite shower steamer is back in stock.

A couple weeks ago we had a weird crash / glitch on on the Refill website so it was saying things that were not in stock were, but I promise these are actually back in stock.

Lately, if you have ordered something and its not been around, apologies again. Its hard to comb through everything while also in motion.

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By sweet sale I mean official launch of the Flash Fills category, cool things that do not see enough love, and me cleaning back stock out so I can buy new shelves!

The newsletter reboot will also have a new section with what I am reading or listening to currently. Go sign up because it’s going to be the place that gets all the news first and the socials will be a place to showcase what products Refill carries!

Trying something different so I can let go of this eternal to do list called ~ content ~ 😩


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It’s Earth Day.

Refill and I are feeling a bit discouraged these days and we in no way want to process these feels on the internet.

So I pulled a couple cards from my 100 Ways deck and this is what I got…so apropos.

Wishing for strong, interconnecting communities, that can support each other as we get up to loads of collective action.

With love,


ID: white hand holding two bright yellow small index cards. Top on says “spend more time in nature” and bottom one days, “Play hooky from work” background white.

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Not an April Fool’s joke, just reality for Refill.
Happy Earth Month folks! 🤣


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By the time I got this posted Refill has the window signage back up and giant light up one should show up soon! ✨

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Cody and I bought a house, which meant cleaning our lovely apartment of 5.5 years.

Let me say, I don’t love to clean. I have one regular, you know who you are, that says they use this for EVERYTHING.

I tested that and it’s true. From the gross mouse pee/poop ~vomit~ to the windows, this pink goo showed up.

I put it in a bucket, used a dab straight, and oddly put some in a spray bottle with water.

I have been mia on the socials and email the past week plus, it’s been wild on the personal side.

For house renovations, Cody and I want to take you on that adventure but we have yet to decide if it’s something we will actually be able to do. The house was built in 1895 so it’s old.


ID: White background. 20L plastic jug on its side with black tap, just is partially filled with pink liquid. The jug has written on it “Pure Ultra Multi Purpose Cleaner 5ml/2L H2O.”

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I totally made a mistake naming the pale orange one, it’s a TALL GRASS, prairie seed bomb.

Blog post with more info in the links, enjoy!

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I would highly suggest you not watch me Refill.

It’s painful. 😅

#refillWPG #RoutineCream

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