After Wednesday’s soul crushing experience at the Leg, to reference, the tall and handsome @uzomachioma, this was awesome.

And a friendly reminder Refill does and will continue to hold space for queer and trans folks.

Many thanks to @mbpolidragrace and @jaypeywey for organizing + all the volunteers that go unnoticed.

I love you and you really do fucking matter,


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Wednesday was a rough day.

Sadly, I see exactly how we got here.

I know many of these people are being mislead with disinformation from alt-right influencers, politicians, and conspiratorial “thought” leaders.

However, that does not change the fact that they are supporting a fascist cause masquerading as a way to protect their children.

The scariest part for me was the large swath of youth fully invested in supporting this bigotry. They reminded me immediately of Andrew Tate and every facsimile of him.

The best homework I have for myself is a continued watch of their blogs/websites, and a email to check in the school trustee in my area. To let them know this cannot go unchecked, and to support them with receipts.

Love you all,

P.S. I really want all kids to be able to safely grow into adults and not be left with only shambles of a planet and society.

P.P.S. There were also outright white supremacists in the mix, not as many as I expected, but they were there.

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Mediocre critique too, but not included is the biggest sigh ever.

Tag/call/email your councilor, the mayor, and every single councillor on the Standing Policy Committer on Water, Waste and Environment.

Do it right this moment!!! It’s on the agenda for tomorrow, September 8, 2023.

Tell them we want mediocre compost now, not striving for some form of perfection in 6-7 years. 🫠

So tired,


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Hey Winnipeggers!

It’s possible that the Water, Waste, and Environment city council meeting happening at the end of this month, June 23 will include city wide composting.

It’s also possible it will get pushed back or the people in charge of giving a proposal will offer something not that appealing.

Here is where you come in, composting is a fairly low risk opportunity to learn how to engage in city politics. It is however the lowest bar for climate action. If we cannot make this happen as a collective I genuinely fear what sort of a statement that will send to youth, people contemplating leaving or moving here. 🫠

I have compiled a blog post with direct emails and phone numbers of the city councilors, and there is a link to a map that will find your ward if you are unsure.

P.S. ignore my wild disaster of a back yard 😅

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~ nearly ~ everybody’s favorite shower steamer is back in stock.

A couple weeks ago we had a weird crash / glitch on on the Refill website so it was saying things that were not in stock were, but I promise these are actually back in stock.

Lately, if you have ordered something and its not been around, apologies again. Its hard to comb through everything while also in motion.

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By sweet sale I mean official launch of the Flash Fills category, cool things that do not see enough love, and me cleaning back stock out so I can buy new shelves!

The newsletter reboot will also have a new section with what I am reading or listening to currently. Go sign up because it’s going to be the place that gets all the news first and the socials will be a place to showcase what products Refill carries!

Trying something different so I can let go of this eternal to do list called ~ content ~ 😩


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It’s Earth Day.

Refill and I are feeling a bit discouraged these days and we in no way want to process these feels on the internet.

So I pulled a couple cards from my 100 Ways deck and this is what I got…so apropos.

Wishing for strong, interconnecting communities, that can support each other as we get up to loads of collective action.

With love,


ID: white hand holding two bright yellow small index cards. Top on says “spend more time in nature” and bottom one days, “Play hooky from work” background white.

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Not an April Fool’s joke, just reality for Refill.
Happy Earth Month folks! 🤣


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By the time I got this posted Refill has the window signage back up and giant light up one should show up soon! ✨

#WPG #Winnipeg #WestEndBiz #RefillWPG

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