Sodium Carbonate

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Sodium Carbonate (also known as washing soda, soda ash and soda crystals) is a naturally occurring mineral and is extracted through mining. Sodium Carbonate is a pH adjuster that can also be found in bath, skin and hair products. It alters the pH of a product to improve stability over time. Every formula has an optimum pH to make it work best. For example, a formula that’s more acidic works better for soap scum removal. Its opposite, a formula that’s more alkaline, might be more effective as a carpet cleaner. We use pH adjusters to make sure we achieve the best pH for a particular job. Also, the pH of a formula can affect how long it lasts within a container – for example limiting its tendency to rust in a can.

Function: Water conditioner / Natural stain remover / Alkalinity builder

What is it: Mineral Based

What product(s) contains this: 8X Liquid Laundry – Unscented, Lavender & Rosemary Orange Blossom, 2X Dish Liquid – Unscented & Grapefruit, Dish Liquid – Rosemary Orange Blossom, Dishwasher Powder – Unscented

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