parked in front of the back of a cinder block building is silver car with the hatch open. Trunk is full of cardboard boxes, kraft bags, and a blue IKEA bag.

WRW: Sharing Economies

It’s Saturday and the theme for #WasteReductionWeek is Sharing Economies. 

Did you know from our inception we have done all our deliveries with our @pegcitycarcoop membership? 

Well, its true and we try are darn tootin-est to get the hybrid plus every week making our emission often near zero. 

Other sharing economies in Winnipeg that we recently found is @myrentadress. We drove past it when picking up the new shop art on Thursday and I was appalled I did not know this existed. Go check it out! 

I would consider it form of sharing, bridal boutique @pearlandbirch, it’s even cool to see dresses be consigned more than once. Giving new life to the most extravagant single use garment that exists. 

A cool app is @renteriiapp, someone has listed a shop for day use. 🤯

Also, super new and cool is @willowpress has library in their new shop so go check that out. 📚

Even if you don’t use any of the above, asking a neighbour or friend for a tool is partaking in sharing economies. We got to know our neighbour’s by asking to borrow multiple tools over the past year. 

It’s shifting your mindset from buying to borrowing. 

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