in focus is a 4L plastic jug held by a white hand upside down, background orange metal shelves are blurred.

WRW: Plastics

Thursday of #WasteReductionWeek is Plastics! 

I feel as if folks, at least initially, get hung up on the plastics of it all and here at Refill we dig way deeper than surface level. 

One noticeable thing that happens nearly daily is the loss of sales as I talk people out of filling up new plastics or glass in store. 

The nuance is, buy new when you need it but also, don’t tell me you have a container at home and expect me to encourage you to buy new. 

Yes, it’s more convenient and would make Refill more money if I “upsold” you new containers but it’s just not in my nature. 

To be blunt, use that plastic shit you have at home until it breaks, then scavenge your neighbors bins, maybe ask friends and family, or recently someone told me they asked their buy nothing group for some empty plastic containers!!!!! 

Yes, single use plastics are a big thumbs down for food, beauty, home & personal care products, but if you got it please reuse. 

Be like my neighbors that use giant rice bags for yard waste or litter pick up, or the neighbors that use large filter as outdoor garden containers, or us that use our large dog food bags as our trash. 

Love you bunches. 

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